Ten Media Sales Resolutions for 2009

No doubt, 2009 has the looks of a tough year.  Okay, so that’s not the first understatement of the new year.  As a media salesperson, you have a choice.  You can jump on the “misery loves company” bandwagon, or try something that’ll make your sales grow (maybe even double) over the next 12 months.

That said, try on a few of these media sales resolutions for 2009.  We promise, they all work (in good times, and bad):

  1. Talking to one more qualified per week is the most foolproof way to incease sales in a tough economy.  What you’ll find is that your close ratio will actually increase in a “tough economy”.
  2. Pick 15 local cable advertisers and prove they have everything to gain with a simple redirection of their buy.  They’re spending way too much.  Show them the numbers.
  3. Get a free Google account and figure out how much it costs to buy keywords in your market (legal, home contractor services like plumbing and windows, financial, elective healthcare).  Then do a few searches and see who is bidding (overspending) on those leads.  They’ll be listed on the right-side in Google’s sponsored leads.
  4. Preempt the next round of yellow pages renewals with a serious effort of your own.  It’s a dying medium with thousands of advertisers looking for answers.  It’s a big reason why lead costs for so many of these companies have risen 25-50% even before the economy got soft.  If you don’t get them now, somebody else will.  Or does “$5 billion up for grabs” not entice you?
  5. Call a prospect right now.  Read this bullet point again tomorrow (several times) and do the same.
  6. If you don’t have one already, get yourself a LinkedIn or other social marketing “profile”.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many prospects are suddenly within your network, and how your popularity will gradually increase.  It’s free and takes 10 minutes of your time.  Your clients are getting “social” online, you should too.  Today.
  7. Take a proactive approach to “recession-proofing” your sales pipeline.  Understand the numbers game, and embrace it.
  8. Know the cost-per-thousand of key competitive media in your market.  You can and should figure this out as it’s the most profitable thing you can do for your clients (and yourself).
  9. Back to Google one more time … Do a Google search on a key retail category in your market and look at the results … then page down four or five pages to see who is lower than they should be in the “organic search returns” (left-side).  Chances are good they are not advertising with you now.  Chances are even better they should be.
  10. Fill in the blank.  Be creative.  Let us know what you’re doing to avoid the same fate so many others have already begrudgingly accepted for 2009.  Leave a comment below, and visit back to see which one is the best.

Maybe you’ll have resolutions of your own, or pick a few of these to pursue.  Whatever the case, these are all things you can and should start today.  Next week is too late.

Or you can just jump on the recession bandwagon and wait it out.  Shouldn’t last much longer, right?

Dave Eckstein does not play shortstop and was never the MVP of the World Series. He is a partner in the firm ESA & Company, based in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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