Megatrends in the Auto Market

ESA & Company | Soundbytes from the Auto IndustrySOUNDBYTES FROM THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
The following article is one of a series highlighting the insights from ESA’s Real Auto Answers webinar. The webinar’s panel included Steve Finlay of Ward’s Dealer Business, Adam Armbruster of ESA, and successful auto dealer principals.

No doubt, the auto industry has changed dramatically. There has been more change in the past five years in the industry than there had been for the previous half-century.

That said, what are the big “macro” trends in the auto industry that are evolving now — those current seismic shifts that will become mainstays?

Wendi Egbert of Southtowne Automotive sees the highly-informed auto shopper as the biggest difference today, while Scott Fink of Hyundai of New Port Richey notes that the new energy-conscious consumer base is a dramatic change that is here to stay. Mike Johnson of Hickory Toyota agrees in part with both Egbert and Fink, adding that the efficiency movement will be harnessed by companies and governments that build the solutions that the masses can embrace. Steve Finlay of Ward’s Auto adds his thoughts on the cost considerations for such innovations.

ESA & Company | Soundbytes from the Auto IndustryMEGA TRENDS IN THE AUTO INDUSTRY
Listen to Webinar Panelists discuss Auto Mega-trends
ESA’s Real Auto Answers | May 20, 2011 | MP3 File (2:02 | 1.9MB)

Knowledge of mega-trends like these will serve any automotive dialogue, as will awareness of five other bits of timely auto intelligence. Dealers today are navigating a pace of change unlike any they’ve seen in a long time, and will appreciate real answers to today’s real issues.

Dave Eckstein, ESA & Company | Real. Local. Results: 2012Dave Eckstein is a Partner in the firm ESA & Company. He specializes in highly profitable market share growth for local businesses and gets a kick out of demonstrating a declining cost of customer acquisition. He plays baseball, but isn't that Dave Eckstein.

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