Six Ways Dealers Make Their Inventory Stand Out


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The auto industry has entered a phase of transparent pricing. Instead of becoming defensive, dealers should get innovative.

Consumers still enjoy buying a new car, but clearly the rules have changed. Maybe now, they really want to buy “their” car.

When we work with successful dealership principals across the country, some creativeness jumps out at us. I’ll describe some of them. But there’s no limit to the imagination and creativity of a car dealer.

If I visit 10 Chevrolet stores, most look the same. They all feature that same ’15 Trailblazer in the same black, silver and white colors at the same price, lined up the same way.

But, there are always interesting dealers who change the buyer experience.

When I speak with them about their store’s financials, they often are more profitable, even if their sales volume isn’t as high as some competitors.

In an era of transparent pricing, innovation on the car lot is a key profit builder.

Sometimes, I hear dealers complain about not being able to get hot-selling inventory from the factory. But a dealer can create his or her own hot product through clever accessorizing and displaying.

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Original article by Adam Armbruster on Wards Auto:
Six Ways Dealers Make Their Inventory Stand Out >>, December 17, 2014.

Adam Armbruster, ESA & Company | Real. Local. ResultsAdam Armbruster is a Senior Partner in the retail and media strategy firm ESA & Company. He can be reached at 941-928-7192.

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