The Rising Cable Bill?

It comes as no shock that prices in almost every consumer technology sector continue to drop. Maybe you’ve heard of Moore’s Law, which states that the tech power at our disposal essentially doubles every year or two.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the prices for goods over time. And just as you’d expect, the prices for every tech sector continue to drop dramatically. Well, all of them except for one.

The one exception? Cable, satellite TV, and radio service.

Pricing Trends for Consumer Tech Products

Why have prices for cable television and other connected services continued a steady upward climb, in an opposite direction from other tech sector products?

Insulation from competition may have played a role over the past couple of decades. That’s something that is changing more rapidly today. Many cable companies — accustomed to dealing with replacing cord-cutters — now have the added challenge of filling the void of cord-neverers. A growing percentage of households in the US are never connecting, pointing toward an accelerating decline of share.

To read more, visit BusinessInsider: Historical Price Trends of Consumer Technology | Business Insider.

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