February Auto Market Maintains Pace

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February delivered 2016’s second straight month at a 17.4M SAAR pace.

With trucks and CUVs leading the way (again), the US auto market tallied 1.34M light vehicles for the month, a 6.7% increase in DSR* (daily sales rate) over February 2015. Ford Motor Company finished with the largest year-over-year increase, on the strength of its SUV and CUV gains.

Among the major automakers, Ford, Honda, Kia, Nissan, and Fiat-Chrysler all recorded double-digit increases over last year. VW, GM and BMW all lost ground for the month. Sales of large vans vaulted 30% versus February 2015, while CUVs and SUVs also posted double-digit gains (+17.6% and +16.1% respectively).


US Automotive Sales, February 2016 | Source: Wards Auto

Low fuel prices once again had an impact on the light truck / car balance, as passenger car sales absorbed a 0.3% loss for the month against last year.

Your ESA Car Keys recap follows.


Wards Auto and NADA MarketBeat

  • February SAAR: 17.43M units
  • February Units: 1.34M vehicles sold
  • Change: DSR* +6.7% | Volume +6.7% vs February 2015
  • Gainers (by volume): Ford +19.9%, Kia +13.0%, Honda +12.8%, Fiat-Chrysler +11.4%, Nissan +10.5%
  • Laggards: VW -13.2%, BMW -12.4%, GM -1.5%

Be sure to visit NADA’s MarketBeat, or Wards Auto for a concise recap of the US automotive market.

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*DSR: Daily Sales Rate. A more reliable indicator of the pace of auto sales which accounts for actual car-selling days per month.
*SAAR: Seasonally-Adjusted Annual Sales Rate.
SOURCES: NADA MarketBeat, Wards Automotive, Automotive News.


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