Ad Blocking To Rise Double-Digits Again

US Ad Blocking | eMarketingPublishers and marketers concerned about ad blocking haven’t been hearing much good news lately. Paul Verna, Senior Analyst at eMarketer has been following this trend closely and sees more of the same over the next 18 months.

If the pace continues in line with projections, by 2017 ad blocking penetration will have doubled in just three years. In 2014, under 16% of US consumers blocked ads with browser features. That number is estimated to hit 32% by next year.

Verna noted that ad blocking has broad impact, but that publishers are currently the most affected party:

“They’re seeing immediate revenue losses and would be remiss to downplay what amounts to a large-scale rejection of their main monetization model. Marketers, on the other hand, can focus on consumers who aren’t blocking ads or turn to platforms that are less affected by blocking, including mobile apps. But in the long term, all participants in the advertising ecosystem will suffer if consumers continue to ramp up their use of blocking technologies,”

Read the full article: Ad Blocking In The U.S. Projected To Rise By Double Digits In 2016 | MediaPost.


Dave Eckstein, ESA & Company | Real. Local. Results: 2012Dave Eckstein is a Partner in the firm ESA & Company. He specializes in highly profitable market share growth for local businesses and gets a kick out of demonstrating a declining cost of customer acquisition. He plays baseball, but isn't that Dave Eckstein.

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