ESA Top 5 Minute

Are you TOP 5? #RUTOP5 ~ @ESACompany

On Core! ESA Top 5 Minute
Specific Lift and the Profit Analytic: ESA Top 5 Minute
The Franchise Boom: ESA Top 5 Minute
Analytics’ Last Mile: ESA Top 5 Minute
Big Recruitment: ESA Top 5 Minute
The Local Advantage: ESA Top 5 Minute
Margin-Mapping on Google | ESA Top 5 Minute
Contextual Outreach: ESA Top 5 Minute
What About Auto Profitability? ESA Top 5 Minute
Auto’s Mid-Funnel: ESA Top 5 Minute
Automotive GeoMarketing: ESA Top 5 Minute
Direct Leads & Profit: Top 5 Minute
Top 5 Minute: Tier Zero Automotive
Top 5 Minute: Auto Challenges for 2017
Top 5 Minute: The Uncategory
Top 5 Minute: Automotive Profitability

ESA’s TOP 5 Webinar Series
For the best media execs out there, 2017 has begun already. What is your growth strategy for ’17? Tune into ESA’s Top 5 to catch a wealth of ideas that will accelerate your revenue and performance right now. Click on the Playlist icon (top-left corner of YouTube screen) to find more TOP 5 MINUTE video clips. #RUTop5


Adam Armbruster | ESA TOP 5 for 2017 | JULY 2016
ESA’s proprietary engine for driving dealer volume and profits continues to create waves — and market leaders in the automotive industry.

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