The Digital Expert in Your Market | ESA Top 5 Minute

ESATop5Minute-thumbESA Top 5 Minute | "We're going to execute our campaign with the help of a digital expert or a pure-play."

Sometimes, the best and worst parts of your job are the call letters on your business card. They denote strength, but the assumption in many markets is they also hint at a digital disadvantage.

Of course we all know this to be untrue. Our clients and prospects do not.

Jake Winchell identifies the digital heavy in your market and to no surprise, it's a lot closer to you than most people expect. The scale and the data available at broadcast television stations give them the perfect foundation to flourish as digital experts.

ESA Top 5 Webinar, September 21, 2016. Follow Jake Winchell on Twitter: @Jake_Winchell

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