Wasted Coverage | ESA Top 5 Minute

ESATop5Minute-thumbESA Top 5 Minute | "Somebody told us broadcast television's huge coverage would be wasteful for us". (They were likely misinformed!)

ESA Senior Partner Adam Armbruster points to the whys and hows of the "wasted coverage" objection -- which is often the result of competitive (ahem, cable) reps talking up the niche premium (which is wastefulness defined) or factory / franchise direction to stick to the back-yard in a hyperlocal effort.

The reason 80% of their leads comes from a 10 mile radius is because that's all the folks they've ever engaged. And as Adam clearly emphasizes -- in today's business landscape, geography is almost entirely irrelevant with most clients.

As Adam shares in the video, this objection is resolved by asking two simple questions of your prospect.

ESA Top 5 Webinar, September 21, 2016. Follow Adam Armbruster on Twitter: @AdamonTV

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