An Entrepreneurial Doctor Isn’t Afraid to Shake Things Up

NY Times | Dr. Jeffrey Gallups, founder of ENT Institue — one of, if not the largest such practices in the Southeastern US — is equal parts expert doctor and successful entrepreneur.

ROI15-DrJeffGallups-ENTIDr. Jeffrey M. Gallups is the founder of the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, which is based in Atlanta and claims to be the largest ear, nose and throat practice in the southeastern United States. Dr. Gallups transformed a traditional practice into an entrepreneurial enterprise that is growing so fast that its revenue has been doubling every 18 months.

… his momentum hit a glitch about seven years ago. “I was booted from a large multipractice E.N.T. group because I was way more profitable than others in the group,” Dr. Gallups said, “and I think they were threatened.” He was attracting patients from the other doctors, and the patients wanted to stay with Dr. Gallups. In effect, he was “flipping” his partners’ patients into his own practice — a classic example of how fast-growth entrepreneurs think differently. (Dr. Gallups’s institute is a sponsor of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs.)

Excerpt from The New York Times

Dr. Gallups will be speaking at ESA’s ROI2015 Conference in January.

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An Entrepreneurial Doctor Isn’t Afraid to Shake Things Up.


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