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ESA & Company | Q4 Jumpstart: 20122012: THE Q4 JUMP-START | ESA & COMPANY
Estimates for 2012 are all over the map, and most are cloaked in a waning degree of confidence. How good will your 2012 be? It’s directly related to your sales performance in Q4 of 2011. The following is one of a series of quick posts to help local sales teams get a jumpstart on 2012 … right now.

How many auto dealers are you talking to right now?

How many car haulers have you seen stacked with Toyotas recently? I take pictures of them with my phone as I see them (10 so far on this trip), and it brings a tear of joy to my eye. Hyundai will not let loose their recent market share gains. Ford expects to hire 7,000 people over the next two years.

Sales teams need to get to all Hyundai and Toyota dealers now; this window is closing as you read this line. Visit every Toyota dealer website, go to new inventory, and see how many cars are listed. Ask the GM or owner if they are at inventory capacity given current web listing — and if not, when the cars are arriving. Recommend that they book schedules and approve scripts in anticipation of a wave of inventory arrival. Caveat: Campaign start date can/will be adjusted based on inventory delivery date.

ESA & Company | Q4 Jumpstart: 2012Roland Eckstein is the Managing Partner of ESA & Company, an advertising strategy firm based in Red Bank, New Jersey that accelerates profit for local businesses.

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Roland Eckstein is the managing partner of ESA & Company

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