Data Wars: What’s My Next Move?

ESA-data-warsWhere did our quality leads go?
Why has our conversion rate dropped so much?
What are my next moves?

We’re all hearing questions like these today from business owners.

In April of 2021, Apple made huge waves with its iOS 14.5 release that changed the game for businesses of all sizes and stripes. These moves and the ensuing fallout helps to answer a lot of business owners’ questions today.

ESA is producing a series of short videos with insightful strategy moves. Stay tuned for laser-focused intel on some key challenges and topics:

Bookmark this page or follow along with the #ESADataWars hash on your social media feed. Please be aware that your clients may not know it: they need this info right now. This will answer more than a few of their burning questions.

No, it’s not just “the recession” causing all of their ills.

It’s the data.

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