ESA in the News: Sportsbook Ads on NFL Games

NFL-sportsbooksAre you an NFL fan? You’ll be seeing ads from seven “approved” sportsbooks during the game this season. The NFL has green-lighted limited supply of its ad inventory to sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Even with this limited supply of ad time, this move will extend the credibility and penetration of these fan services. ESA’s Adam Armbruster weighs in on this move, and what will likely happen down the road.

“TV does build credibility; it’s really amazing at that … These services [NFL-partnered Sportsbooks] will be seen as more credible. That will happen.”
– Adam Armbruster
Senior Partner, ESA

Read the full story here:
Sportsbooks Get Green Light From NFL For In-Game Commercials

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