ESA Supports KRF

ESA Supports Kortney Rose Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

The Kortney Rose Foundation benefits pediatric brain tumor research being done at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, specifically for their Large-Scale Genomics Project that will hunt genes behind common childhood diseases. KRF’s donated dollars go specifically to the doctors who are using this research to find the genes behind brain tumors and use the gene knowledge to guide therapy, devise new tests and treatments.

    The Kortney Rose Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

  • The Kortney Rose Foundation has donated over $600,000 in six years to the cutting edge pediatric brain tumor research being done at the #1 children’s hospital in the nation, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
  • Brain tumors are the #1 solid tumor cancer killer of children 20 and under.
  • Only one pediatric cancer drug has been passed by the FDA in the past 20 years while there have been 50 created for adult cancers.
  • Federal funding is the primary source of brain tumor research funding. Funds have declined every year since 2003, making private funding, and foundations like KRF, vital to funding life saving research.
  • Kortney Rose GilletteKortney’s Challenge 2 Mile FUN Run/Walk at Monmouth Park in August is an event that brings the community out to support pediatric brain tumor research and gets everyone moving for a great cause.
  • Kortney Rose Gillette died from a brain tumor in 2006. Her mom (Kristen Gillette) channeled her grief into a mission to help fund research for children suffering from brain tumors.

If you’d like to learn more about KRF, please contact Suzanne Anderson of ESA & Company, or visit KRF’s website.


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