Lynne Edwards, ESA

Raise Expectations

Lynne Edwards is a Consultant with ESA & Company. The firm works with thousands of local businesses in 80 markets across the U.S. each year. What they do is quite different from any approach you’ve seen before. They make your advertising work, right now. More customers per dollar spent, period.

ESA primarily consults with business owners who take on the responsibility of their marketing/advertising strategies themselves – sharing best practices, case histories and “on the street” experience for your industry. In addition to broadcast we can discuss your digital, mobile, and social marketing efforts.

Typical of their efforts, ESA generates 10-30% increases for most businesses in a six-month time frame.

Lynne draws from over 25 years of retail, broadcast and marketing analyst experience in helping business owners identify potential opportunities, and yes, errors in their customer acquisition strategies.

Lynne is an avid golfer, carrying a 12 handicap. A bit of a “foodie” who loves to cook and when not traveling for work, enjoys traveling for fun. Lynne and her husband Steve live at 6,800 feet in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The services of ESA are available at no cost or commitment to business owners through the sponsorship by leading media companies.

Raise your expectations. You deserve better.

See you soon,
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Lynne Edwards
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