Ready for 17?

Yes, 2017 started a while ago. And for the top performers, we’re talking a good six months ago.

That said, it’s never too late to look at the landscape and see what’s moving, or has moved already. Here are 17 game-changers in your local market that spell opportunity for you:

    Tier Zero automotive strategy

  1. Auto dealers are taking back the street while continuing to struggle with one-size-fits-all factory marketing directives. A new local approach is paying outsized dividends. Dealers need help differentiating from brand uniformity. Unless they like being like every other competitor out there. (Adam Armbruster @ #ROI2017)
  2. Franchise explosion has hit your market. Steep rewards are flowing toward responsive media teams. Timid salespeople tend to avoid the franchises, thinking “the decision process might be located elsewhere, or already set in stone.” Not true. At all. (Jake Winchell @ ROI2017)
  3. More clients are disengaging from agencies, and seeking more guidance on media allocation for 2017 from new places. Optimizing the spend for category, funnel positioning, and the specific opportunity market is key. (Jodi de Riszner @ ROI2017)
  4. roi17-jabrams-clockworkBig Box players and rapid-scale businesses continue to add fuel to both their national presence and local game, presenting a big plus for media execs, as well as a stiff challenge. BizZoom CEO and Clockwork co-founder Jim Abrams will be at ROI2017 to discuss entrepreneurial thinking direly needed by today’s media execs.
  5. The future of broadcast is here … again? With the advent of ATSC 3.0, broadcasters will have more control, precision, advertising revenue opportunity, and enhanced mobile penetration. But why do so few in the industry embrace this competitive advantage? (Adam Armbruster @ ROI2017)
  6. 2017-growthYou’d be well-served to double-down on your client list in 2017, and not in the typical direction. Are you still scouring the same categories and businesses that said “no” last year? Time to reshuffle the deck. (Lynne Edwards / Dave Eckstein @ ROI2017)
  7. A prolonged talent drain and high turnover continue to pressure the industry. Is your sales talent discovery and development up to the challenge? The media industry needs to take cues from home services, where the top companies are hitting stride and accelerating from the pack because of the longevity and talent of their crews. (Jake Winchell @ ROI2017)
  8. The more precise and real-time your client dashboard, the more your revenue will accelerate throughout the year. Are you truly living your dash? Clients reward partners for this, and some already have come to expect it. (Dave Eckstein @ ROI2017)
  9. roi17-cellairisAs the circle of your potential clients continues to expand rapidly, both geographically and categorically, media execs need to identify, qualify, and connect with a new range of prospects quickly and accurately. ESA ROI2017 will feature guest presenters whose parent companies have nearly 3,000 retail & service locations across the US, including BizZoom, Clockwork, Budget Blinds, Cellaris, Fyzical, Precision Door, and Good Feet. Huge opportunity is at hand in 2017.
  10. This is not your father’s doctor. We have seen an rapidly accelerating trend in average medical ticket at the high-end, by a magnitude of 10 or more in some markets. Huge potential for media execs who recognize and adjust quickly. (Lynne Edwards @ ROI2017)
  11. Business owners are forever becoming increasingly proficient at triage, and are quick to spot value (or the lack thereof). When your dialog moves to immediate client engagement, they see that value upfront, and you both see results much sooner. (Adam Armbruster @ ROI2017)
  12. Helping clients implement successful growth strategies is great. Helping them shift gears beyond that success into multiple unique growth phases is a rare skill set possessed by the minority, the 5%: The top performers in the industry. (Jodi de Riszner / Throwback Thursday @ ROI2017)
  13. roi17-lblack-mwafcuSure, Financials are looking for growth. But — as numbers people — they quickly become raving fans when that growth is a precise, quantified strike at a profitable target. Laurie Black of Midwest America Federal CU has the details @ ROI2017
  14. We’re all familiar with discussions on finding and targeting millennials. What’s missing is the capacity to connect with the new “Gen Next” to grow their recently acquired or founded businesses. Millennial business ownership is accelerating, as are their growth strategies. Are you prepared? (Jake Winchell @ ROI2017)
  15. Anything is possible when you identify and strategize for your fiercest competitor. When your performance depends on the outcome of you versus the competition, you’d best be prepared. (Adam Armbruster @ ROI2017)
  16. So much is being made about “big data”, but many have yet to leverage this. This year, our goal shouldn’t be the size of the data, but how it enables organic growth for you and your clients. (Dave Eckstein @ ROI2017)
  17. Even “artful” creative is met with objections. In a cluttered ad landscape plotting your client’s message with precision on the creative “Richter Scale” will go a long way toward predictive results. (Jodi de Riszner @ ROI2017)

There are more than 17, of course. But you can get a jump — and a decided advantage in 2017 — on all of these and more game-changers at ESA’s ROI2017.

Raise your expectations.



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