Roland Eckstein, ESA

Roland J Eckstein, Managing Partner, draws from his retail, broadcast and marketing analyst experience in helping business owners identify potential opportunities, and yes, errors in their customer growth acquisition strategies.

Typical of their efforts, ESA generates 10-30% increases for most businesses in a six-month time frame.



Managing Partner
ESA & Company

ESA & Company is a group of eight marketing analysts focused on business growth and profitability. The firm works in 78 cities, developing upwards of 3,000 campaigns annually.

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Consider these six thought-starters from a marketing analyst:

  • If you’re comfortable with your commercial … don’t air it
  • 30 reach / 3 frequency … the most misunderstood statement in marketing
  • Make sure upper management gets the message … early and often
  • Every campaign has 3 M’s
  • Proper platforms prevent poor performance
  • Cost per spot? … No such metric

Each of the above statements can uncover lethal variables that may exist in growth acquisition strategies.

The services of ESA are available at no cost or commitment to business owners in these 78 cities, through broadcast television’s leadership.

Roland, his wife/upper management Eileen, and their four kids live in New Jersey … please don’t hold this against them.

See you soon,
Roland J. Eckstein
Roland Eckstein
Managing Partner, ESA

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