Ten Numbers Tell the Tale

Why are conversion rates soft, quality leads on the decline, and real media costs accelerating?

Don’t just blame this on a recessionary economy with record high inflation.

Upstream data damming has made nearly half of the market invisible, at least in the ever-important smartphone battleground.

The market remains uncertain as to the mechanics behind these frustrations. The video linked here highlights ten key metrics to follow in the months ahead. All of these numbers shed light on a largely significant development that is impacting virtually every business in every market.

Recapping the key metrics:

  • 58%: Apple’s share of the US smartphone market, as evidenced in iOS installs
  • 82%: The aggregate opt-out rate of Apple users
  • 48%: The Invisible Quotient, a product of 58% of the market opting out at an 82% rate
  • 3: The number of timelines Google has already published for its supposed release of user privacy enhancements by way of a cookieless browser, in response to Apple’s moves
  • 11%: The low opt-in rate for users on Financial and Medical apps on iOS
  • 28%: Data Confidence by CMOs in their own analytics
  • -21.3%: The decline in PPC conversion rate for medical practices
  • 343,000: The number of apps blocked by Apple’s app store for privacy violations in 2021 alone
  • $12B: The projected top-line revenue loss for Facebook/Meta due to data loss in 2022
  • $1.34T: The erosion of market cap in less than one year by three companies: Google (GOOG), Meta/Facebook (META), & Snapchat (SNAP)

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