The Avail Indicator: Revisited

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Estimates for 2012 are all over the map, and most are cloaked in a waning degree of confidence. How good will your 2012 be? It’s directly related to your sales performance right now. The following is one of a series of quick posts to help local sales teams get (and keep) a jump on the competition in 2012 … right now.

As we begin Q2 … is your sales team — specifically the developmental account execs — apprised of Q3 2012 avail requests?

This level of activity is a good indicator of how much media planning is afoot. Simply stated, we should be ahead of this activity, because the agencies that are calling the station have already had their planning meetings with their clients. Waiting will surely elicit comments such as “Your timing is bad, we’ve placed our buy already”. This is client-speak for “If you knew anything about my business — or yours — you would’ve called me in January!”

Be a part of the conversation now, or fall behind by a quarter.


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