The Billion Dollar Impact of Privacy

The economic impact on big tech and social media companies by Apple’s enhanced user privacy in 2022 alone is estimated to be $16B.

Most of this loss — about $12.8B in 2022 — will be absorbed by Meta/Facebook.


In April of 2021, Apple’s iOS 14.5 greatly enhanced user privacy measures, essentially firewalling the likes of Facebook and YouTube from user data and tracking. ESA will continue to follow this development and its massive impact on media markets and business.

Apple’s ATT changes will by far impact Facebook the most, according to the new data issued by Lotame. Lotame predicts a $16 billion revenue impact, of which YouTube will see a hit of $2.2 billion, compared with $546 million for Snap and $323 million for Twitter.

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Apple Just Issued A Stunning $12 Billion Blow To Facebook

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