The Importance of First Party Data in 2024

Ten trends to watch closely in 2024 within the digital advertising ecosystem

The release of Apple’s iOS 14.5 operating system a few years ago brought a wave of new user privacy controls. It continues to bring broad and deep impact to the way companies advertise.

Google responded to Apple’s maneuver by announcing that “the cookie is going away,” and delayed this reality while walking the fine line between advertiser efficacy and user privacy. Finally in 2024, we’ll see the full depreciation of cookies by Q3.

As of Q2 2023, first-party data was used in 43% of ad placement, according to Insider Intelligence. That number will continue to grow in number and importance.


What this means for ad execs and local businesses is continued increased reliance on first party data and other means to appropriately target audiences that have more robust privacy firewalls.

With the decline of third-party cookies, first-party data is gaining unprecedented importance in 2024. Companies will, however, need to strike a delicate balance between leveraging this data for targeted advertising and adhering to stringent privacy regulations.

Angelina Eng
Vice President, Measurement, Attribution & Data Center
at IAB

ESA has long projected continued erosion of PPC efficacy, along with increased CPL (cost per lead) and lower conversion rates. This trend continues as evidenced by data across most major business categories.

Six in 10 buyers reported they’d be focusing somewhat or significantly more on ad placements with publishers with first-party data in 2024, per November 2023 survey data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Ray Schulz
Publishers Daily on MediaPost

As programmatic spend continues its increase in 2024, the smart money will move to better strategies to increase conversion rate and overall campaign effectiveness.

2024 Key Trends in Digital Advertising: Adapting to the New Privacy Norm – IAB

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