This Cookie Won’t Crumble

Surprise! (Not really): Google delays the depreciation of the cookie until 2024.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

google-cookieIn a recent announcement becoming all-too-familiar to anyone following consumer data and privacy, Google has delayed the death of the cookie until late 2024. For now, that is.

The internet’s largest company promised to eliminate cookies back in 2020, and has since adjusted its timetable on this promise several times as it walks the fine line between privacy advocacy and ad industry support.

Given that Apple controls more than half of the US smartphone market with its iOS penetration, smart businesses are already looking to move ahead. Those that aren’t forward-looking — or even aware of these developments — may be wondering why their conversion rates are declining and lead costs are increasing during 2022.

Google killing cookies or not is irrelevant, brands and publishers already need to move on to something better.
  – Mathieu Roche, CEO of ID5

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Google Postpones Demise of Cookies to 2024

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